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Watch Transfagarasan World Speed Record set in 2016 by Andrei Mitrasca and Magda Mateiu with Skoda Octavia RS stock ( 230HP FWD ) Old record was set by Fabio Barone with Ferrari 458 specialy made for competition. The old record was 9.13.442. The new world speed record set by Andrei Mitrasca is 8.26.160. Car: Skoda Octavia RS 2016 - 230HP FWD Tyres: Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 235/35 R19 Pilot: Andrei Mitrasca Co-pilot : Magda Mateiu Sponsors : Skoda Romania / Dunlop / Castrol Partners : FRAS / Avia Motors This clip was made by Forged Media and Evl Skillz. Thank you!

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