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Watch As part of our commitment to transform Singapore into a ‘City in a Garden’, the National Parks Board (NParks) has implemented various initiatives to further enhance the greenery and landscaping islandwide. This includes rejuvenating the landscaping in the Civic District. At Asian Civilisation Museum where a section of Fullerton Road is being re-aligned, NParks and the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) are transplanting eight mature Rain Trees from their current site to the new lawn in front of the Museum. Transplanting such mature trees is a big engineering feat as each tree, with its root ball, weighs in excess of 90 tons. The trees are lifted using heavy-duty cranes, and have to be secured to the ground with metal frames. Prior to transplanting, advanced preparations would be made to ensure that the trees are ready for their “home-moving”. The trees are also inspected by our arborists to ensure that they are healthy and pruned to minimise water loss stress, before employing the ‘raft method’. The trees are then carefully transported using a crawler crane to their new location. Take a look behind the scenes of a tree transplantation.

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