Click to Watch in HD > Trevor Noah Rips Trump Over Audio: ‘It’s Not the Locker Room, It’s You, Motherf*cker!’

Watch Trevor Noah went on a tear against Donald Trump tonight over the audio of him talking about coming onto women and sexually assaulting them. He almost vomited listening to the audio and, in reaction to “grab ’em by the pussy,” said, “I thought about this hard and long, I’ve never heard that phrase in my life. What kind of person grabs the pussy? That doesn’t sound pleasurable for either party involved… Maybe it’s a tiny hands thing.” He ripped “sleazebag” Billy Bush for going along with it and mocked all the Republicans invoking their wives and daughters in denouncing Trump because “the Trump tape shouldn’t offend you on behalf of females, it should offend you as a human being.” Donald Trump, The Daily Show, Trevor Noah

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