Click to Watch in HD > TRUMP Supporters Interviewed and Found Massively HYPNOTIZED ✱✱ They Live in an Alternate Reality.

Watch CNNs Alisyn Camerota has a second Meeting with these Trump Supporters to get their reaction of the developments since Trump has been voted in office. These peoples are incompetent of criticizing Donald Trump for anything that hes done, even if they disagree with him. They take him seriously but not literally, where the media and most rational adults take him literally but not seriously. They get their news from Facebook and Breitbart and have no clue what they are reading. The older lady claimed that there were 3 million illegal voters in California ALONE and that Obama publicly state that its ok for illegals to vote. This is SO sad. At interview session some of them found like hypnotized as no logical words not impacting them. It’s really strange. JOIN our Facebook group for more UNMATCHED News Clips .. Please SUBSCRIBE. Thanks for watching. -------------------------------------- trump supporters dont care about facts trump supporters ignore facts types of trump supporters how to defend donald trump why facts dont matter to trump supporters why do trump supporters believe him donald trump lies on stand trump supporters are ignorant

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