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Watch Set Your Home Entertainment to EPIC, with Onkyos new 7.2 Channel TX-NR555 and TX-NR656 Home Theater Receivers. Backed by 70 years of experience building high-grade audio components, these receivers feature Dynamic Audio Amplification that drives accurate, noise-free signal processing with high-current power for precise speaker control. Stream your favorite audio with GoogleCast, AirPlay, WiFi or Bluetooth. Connect to popular built-in services like Pandora, Spotify Connect, TuneIn and Tidal. These receivers offer Onkyo’s AccuEQ room acoustic calibration system and feature new AccuReflex technology that accounts for up-firing “height” speakers to ensure for cohesive reproduction of object-based soundtracks. Both receivers feature Powered and Line Out Zone 2 connections for bringing audio to a second room. Featuring new FireConnect multi-room audio technology, to wirelessly stream any audio source to compatible speakers anywhere in your home. Both receivers are compatible with the latest Ultra HD content offerings and feature the latest HDMI specs fully supporting stunning 4k video. Easily connect all your favorite HDMI sources and even enjoy 1080p to 4k upscaling. Onkyos new TX-NR555 and TX-NR656 Home Theater Receivers, Set Your Home Entertainment to EPIC.

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