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Watch After many of the comments continued to be asking for the name of the creators of this song, the group is known as Duivelspack and the song is called Voluspa . I had no intentions upon not giving forth to them the credit of their creation, and many people were silly enough to not see my comment nor to be able to read the All music and lyrics belong to their attributed owners in the description section. Thanks guys! This is a Nordic folk song created by putting together many parts of the Norse Havamal. Although I myself created the video, all of the pictures, music, and lyrics belong to their attributed owners. Thank you and hail! :D Lyrics: ( Old Norse and English ). ------------------- Ask veit ek standa, heitir Yggdrasill hár baðmr, ausinn hvíta auri; þaðan koma döggvar þærs í dala falla; stendr æ yfir grœnn Urðar brunni. --------- Þaðan koma meyjar margs vitandi þrjár, ór þeim sal er und þolli stendr; Urð hétu eina, aðra Verðandi, skáru á skíði, Skuld ina þriðju; þær lög lögðu, þær líf kuru alda börnum, örlög seggja. ------------------- An ash I know it stands- It is named Yggdrasill. High tree, sprinkled, With white mud; There from come the dews- That fall on the dale! It stands always green, above- The source of Urdhr. --------- There from come the maids, Much knowing; Three, their dwelling, Stands under the tree; Urdh is named one, The other Verdhandi, - They notched (scored) wood - Skuld is the third. They set up the laws, They decided on the lives, Of the children of time (the children of man). They promulgate fate.

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