Click to Watch in HD > Wasted Penguinz - Make It One Day (Official Videoclip)

Watch Out soon on Clarity. 💎 Lyrics: everyday is the same, there’s no change, there’s no joy. i feel weak, i feel tired, i’m depressed, i’m alone. all these thoughts in my head, fuck, it’s all a big mess. let’s move on and forget, all i need is some rest. i feel lost, i feel trapped, nothings real all is fake. when your minds playing tricks and its all just a game. i will never give up, i will not runaway, ill be strong, i will stay, i will make it one day. - snapchat - penguinzmedia twitter - facebook - soundcloud - instagram - website - - Footage from b2s, Decibel Outdoor 2016 Pre-Party. - pontuz and jon

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