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Watch Slam, in this video watercolor tutorial for beginners ravi river 12 dari lahore - watercolor tutorial in urdu / hindi we will learn how to paint a landscape on the spot. and what should we notice and how to design our composition in watercolor will learn some surprising watercolor techniques in this video. we will also learn color harmony in this watercolor tutorial for beginners, we will use color wheel for color scheme in this watercolor tutorial to teach beginners how to use color wheel in painting and design. as we are using triadic color scheme most beautiful practice to learn watercolor art , color behavior and value study step by step. In this watercolor tutorial you will learn how to play with watercolor Painting, we are making a beautiful watercolor landscape painting with cloudy sky in watercolors. for colors use cool and warm colors to make verity plus harmony in this watercolors for beginners series we are going to learn watercolor paintings step by step , this is a random video or that watercolor online classes for beginners, in this series we will learn watercolor paintings from zero to hero we will start from watercolor material and then cover all watercolor basic techniques to advance watercolor texturing techniques. we will not just learn watercolor paintings but also we will cover composition and sketching to painting complete process step by step. we will not start from complete landscape painting suddenly , we will cover all things and tutorials step by step , as we will 1st learn only a single object in watercolor as a tree in watercolor or just ground in watercolor or just flowers in watercolor, and then we will combine all things together to make a beautiful watercolor landscape painting. we will also learn tips and tricks in urdu hindi to make a good watercolor painting, as we will study color composition, design in painting , designing with color and light and different watercolor techniques. we will also cover out door painting or plein air painting on the spot in urdu / hindi to learn from nature, we will go for long tours to enjoy new places and learn different subjects in watercolor painting. stay tuned for all upcoming videos best of luck have a good day and happy watercolor paintings :) ;) watercolor tutorials for beginners, painting with two colors for more visit my page

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