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Watch 『重新找回愛 Way Back Into Love』 成長的過程總有一些叛逆與衝動,我們都需要有人指引;重新找回愛,前往更加美好的道路。 In the process of growing up, we rebelled and acted upon impulsiveness, we needed guidance to Way Back Into Love, to go down the road that lead to a brighter path. 艱辛的歷練讓我們成長,夢想也就不再困難,並而學習愛自己既而懂得愛人。 Bad experience made us growth, dream are now within reach, after we have learned to love ourselves do we learn to love others. 有些事物隨著歲月,碰撞出更美好的新產物;文化融合、年輕思維、創新設計、成就夢想。 With time, products evolve into new and better versions of the original. Fusion culture, new generation thinking, innovative design, and finally achieving success. 一個充滿愛、夢想、熱情、美好信念的品牌,讓您重新找回愛自己的感受。 LOVELY is a brand that is full of love, dreams, passion, and built with great faith, helping you Way Back Into Love again. 樂芙莉 LOVELY 粉絲團

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