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Watch Pâte à Choux: 125 gr Milk 125 gr Water 5 gr Salt 100 gr Butter 150 gr All purpose flour 250 gr Eggs Craquelin: 70 gr Butter 90 gr Brown Sugar 90 gr Flour 3 gr Vanilla 2 gr Yellow Colouring Caramelized Mango: 3 pcs Mango 300 gr Sugar 30 gr Lemon juice Crème of Mango-Passion Fruit: 80 gr Passion fruit puree 160 gr Mango puree 240 gr egg 60 gr Sugar 200 gr Colatta Couverture Chocolate Milk 8 gr Gelatine 48 gr Water Garnish: 10 pcs Chocolate hat –yellowhalf sphere 10 pcs Chocolate hat –yellow round 10 pcs Fondat lace 10 pcs Fondant flower METHOD Pâte à Choux: 1. Bring to boil the water, milk, butter and salt. 2. Add and mix the flour, cook again. 3. Add the eggs with mixer, and pipe on silpat, egg wash and cover with craquelin. 4. Bake at 180C for 35-40 minutes. Craquelin: 1. Mix all together all the ingredients, and roll the dough. 2. Chill and cut the size to cover the choux pastry.

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