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Watch Follow Raison Music on Spotify: Hush - Itunes ✘ Spotify ✘ Beatport ✘ Check out the full love story! Hush (Panorama Version): Kaind ft. Leuchtturm (Girl Perspective): Doing another interpretation of an original is one thing, to make it a hit another – but what about writing your own original and pushing it that far? After releasing the summer hit „Supergirl“ – the trio of Anna Naklab and YOUNOTUS is ready to take it to the next step with one of their very own – Hush – RAI 007. Raison Music is proud to present the first of a lot of more to come. Accepting the challenge from stepping out of the summer hit to the spotlight we’re heading to a whole lot of melancholly spaces. A love relationship set to music. Hush features the strong producing and composing talents of YOUNOTUS combined with a very modern pop song structure - taking a strong hook line, but also adding a distinct storytelling verse to the track. With her lyrical finese Naklab is taking the discrepance of a lovers couple to the point: „You wanna take the bus, I take the train.“ And in the end, it’s always the same: stay strong or part, but in both ways you gotta look forward and not back. As with the songs strong message expressing: „Hush – dont cry and leave me behind“. I guess we’re gone with the wind and that only because of the strong vocal presence of the gold-selling chanteuse Naklab. Every great release on the Raison imprint deserves to feel comfy, so we ordered two more remixes to make this possible: the more clubby and techy remix of Stereo Express and the remix of „Mädchentechno-inventress Bebetta are building a more housier setting around the track. Stay comfy on the couch and dream tight! Follow YOUNOTUS on Facebook: Follow Anna Naklab on Facebook:

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