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Watch 智雲云鹤M+ 索尼相机控制线使用教学視頻(中文版) Zhiyun CraneM+Control cable for Sony cameras Chinese Language Tutorials This is Crane-M: Designed for All Sports Cameras and All Smartphones and Sony black magic series DC and Panasonic Lumix DMC and a few Mirrorless cameras Supports: 1. All Smartphones: iPhone, Samsung, VIVO, Huawel, OPPO, Mi Series and so on 2. All Sports Cameras: Gopro hero 5/4/3, Gopro Hero session, Xiaomi Yi, SONY X3000R, HDE-AS50R and so on 3. Sony DSC Series (RX100,HX60,HX90,w830,wx350,RX1R,RX100) 4. Canon power shot Series (SX720,G7 X Masrk 2,G7 X Masrk 1,Sx620,G3X, G5X,SX720) 5. Nikon COOLPIX Series (AW130S, S7000,A100) 6. Lumix DMC Series (ZS110GK,LX100,TS30,ZS110,LX100,ZS110GKS) 7. Lerca Series 8. Mirrorless cameras: SONY ILCE Series (6000L,5000L,6300L,7RM2,7k,6300L,5100L,6000L,5000L) Panasonic Lumix DMC (GF8,GF7,GX85,G7,GX8D) Canon EOS (M3,M10) ILCE-6000L, ILCE-6300L,6000L ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are here waiting for you to join us for more smooth and professional videos! *Zhiyun-tech Shop* *Subscribe us!* *Facebook* *Website* *Email*: Promotion: [email protected] Amazon: AliExpress:

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