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Watch Aksar 2: Gautam Rode Gets His Sensuous Scenes with Zareen Khan Approved By His Mother Actor 40 Activated by 10 years of small actress, said - Mother did the proposal Actor Gautam Rode (40) Ahead of the upcoming movie is going to be seen in -2. Actor Gautam Rode (40) is going to be seen in the upcoming upcoming movie Very often. They are in the limelight with a song Today Zid of the film. In it, he gave himself a lot of bold and intimate scenes with 10 with small Bollywood actress Jarhan Khan (30). Recently, has a special dialogue with Gautam. Gautams permission to take Le Sense Sense from Mother ... Gautam explains, Some people think that I am uncomfortable in showing my body in the upcoming movie, and thats all because I want to keep my image clean in TV fans, while not so. - The truth is that I am not able to be self-reliant in doing personal things, even though I have given intimate and bold scenes in this movie and this is just a song, the reason is only my family. I want to see together. I am quite close to my parents. - I have given intimate scenes with Zarine Khan in just one song Zaid of the movie. I first went to the mother to take the video of this song and she had shown the video. - My mother had only approved it, and she was saying that this is not a chip, but it is suitable for the film. Because of this, at the age of 40, Gautam looks great Gautam says, I have kept up a lot of healthy lifestyle, all of which I had just started in college before coming to the show. - Then I went to the gym and started working as a muscular body. I remember all my friends went to the party and I used to sweat in the gym with one of my neighbors. - We used to go from Patel Nagar to Karol Bagh in Delhi, it used to take 30 minutes and we used to do 3 hours later. - If there was talk of food, then I used to drink 1 large glass of pomegranate juice. I have been working from teenage to-day work and I am totally vegetarian, I am also saved from egg meal. Gautam is still single Gautam says, My parents always make pressure for marriage, but I will marry only when my brain gives me a green signal. - I do not want to be in relationship with anyone, and then break up in 6 months. - It will not only be good for my life but also with these girls, these things will not be good. By the way, now Im stable as both financially and mentally, and soon I will do my wedding announcement. Gautam is dating 14-year-old actress - The news is that 40-year-old Gautam is married to his 14-year-old small TV actress Pankhul Awasthi (26). - Both can initially bond in marriage bonds in 2018. - Gautam, Pankhuri has proposed for marriage, and Pankhuri has also said yes. - The families of Gautam and Pankhudis have also met and the family members of both have agreed to this marriage. - Both were dating each other for some time and Pankhudi now shifted his house near Gautams house. - Lets tell, Pacududi is playing a lead role in the TV show Kya Kusur Hoon Amla Ki. Gautam who worked in these shows - Gautam started his TV career in 1995 with Jai Prem Mila. - After that, Rishtey (2000), Apna Apna Style (2001), Ba Bahu and Baby (2005), Intejar (2008), Aahat (2010), Introduction (2011) , Saraswatichandra (2013), Suryaputra Karna (2015). Gautam who has worked in these films Apart from the TV show, Gautam has worked in films like Anarth (2002), U-Bombsi and Me (2005), Unknown (2009). - Gautam and Jharans film Often-2 is being released on October 6.

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