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Watch John Cena has been the top superstar in WWE for more than the past decade, and as the old saying goes, it’s lonely at the top. Whether you yourself love him or hate him, every person in the WWE Universe knows that John Cena has millions of fans, but many reports indicate few wrestlers are actually brazen enough to speak to the top name in the company, leaving him with only a handful of true close friends. For More WWE Videos Subscribe My Channel Of course, with friends like the names we’re about to cover, maybe the Leader of the Cenation may well just be happy with the friends he has already. Obviously, we don’t exactly know what John Cena is up to in his everyday life, be it by himself or with his closest confidants. There are, however, interviews, stories, and sometimes even TV shows that delve into the personal life of top WWE superstars, Cena included, so we can get a pretty good grasp on which of Cena’s fellow wrestlers spend the most time with him. Granted, with the amount of time these guys spend in the gym, chances are most wrestlers have sat down with Cena and shot the breeze on one subject or another, or more likely asked for some advance on how to make their careers more successful, like his. While that may have been the start of some of these friendships, we’re looking just a little deeper to which of his opponents Big Match John would actually call his favorites. Top 10 Real Life WWE Friendships and t=2s Best of WWE WWE The Undertaker History - Documentary Top 10 Strongest Man in the World and t=44s WWE History Top 10 Best WWE Finishers of all Time Top 10 Richest Wrestlers in the World Hi Guys, Welcome to ImFaizi. Here you get Best of WWE, WWE Top 10, WWE Gallery, WWE Top 30, WWE History, Amazing Top 10, Best of Best, Best of ImFaizi, Best Documentaries and much more. Subscribe to stay tunned with me. Share the videos if you like. Subscribe us Like us on facebook Follow us on Google+

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