Click to Watch in HD > 150秒でアルファベットのABCを子供達が覚えちゃう宇宙人の歌/AAALIEN - GRAYS★51

Watch AAALIEN - GRAYS★51HP:【GRAYS★51 プロフィール】地球の子供達に幸せを届ける為、地球から一万光年離れたグレイズ星からやってきた宇宙人バンド三兄弟。その名も「GRAYS★51」※グレイズフィフティーワンHAPPYとLOVEを全世界に広める為、ついに地球上陸!【AAALIEN】地球でのFirst Song【AAALIEN】エイエイエイリアンのミュージックビデオを公開!コンセプトはdance×music×education !!AAALIENはABC学習を取り入れた、今までに見たことが無いような宇宙流ミュージックビデオです。150秒でアルファベットが覚えられる斬新なコンテンツで子供達が楽しく英語学習が出来ます。聴いて、踊って、楽しく学ぶ。英語の苦手な子供達も、運動不足な大人達も楽しく宇宙流ミュージックを体感してください。【Who are GRAYS ★ ​​51 ?】In order of...this alien brothers who came here from the Grays planet where is located 10,000 light years away from the earth.And then they are going to carry the happiness with music to the children of the our home planet....****Emergency ***“GRAYS ★ 51” finally land the earth to spread HAPPY and LOVE !We’ll take over the music in the earth with no border!【AAALIEN】First Song in the earth AAALIENwill be on public with weird music video.The concepts of film are dance × music × education !!【AAALIEN 】is coming with a “Cosmic” style music video that has taken to learn alphabets for children which no one seen before in the earth.With innovative content that could be memorized the alphabets within 150 seconds,and then kids will be able to enjoy learning English happily.Listening, Dancing and Learning English as well.As the education for kids and might be good work out for adults with lack of exercise in the earth, let’s have some fun with the “Cosmic” style music!

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