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Watch “2 Minute Tips” is self-help with humor. Host Chairman NOW’s fun self-help hints bring a smile to your spirit and a hug to your heart because he’s a spiritual advisor with issues. But rather than undermining his words, the self-awareness he has of his own personal challenges and character defects inspire us to embrace that about ourselves that we want to make better. At least better than him. His journey of personal growth—from a street cat, powerless over his rat-chasing to recovering rataholic living with gratitude—is how Chairman NOW learned these tools for living…and what keeps him continually working on his own issues as he tries to make himself a better cat one day at a time. Whether you have questions on life skills like how to be happy, how to live in mindfulness, or how to find meaning in your life, Chairman NOW has the answers. Or at least humorous observations to help you find meaning in this moment and start CelebratingNOW…even when it isn’t. :13 - How to live in mindfulness:17 - How to find meaning in life:21 - How to be happy:27 - Dear Chairman NOW.... / Are You Feline Kidding Me?:36 - Line!Follow Chairman NOW atInstagram – Facebook – Group / CelebratingNOW – Subscribe to Chairman NOW’s YouTube channel -

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