Click to Watch in HD > 2018 Mercedes Benz Concept EQ Design and Drive Test

Watch Whether a Mercedes-Benz is gasoline or electric powered, you just know the vehicle is going to drive well and come with that high level of Mercedes-Benz interior sophistication. The Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ concept is no different, so instead of focusing on interior amenities and driving performance, we want to explore the model’s impressive driving range and charging time. mercedes-benz generation eq concept exterior design featuresOf course, we’ll still get to luxury and performance in a bit, but let’s first look at the Generation EQ’s electric capabilities. The battery on the Generation EQ is installed deep within the vehicle floor in between the axles, helping the vehicle to achieve a total electric range up to 500 kilometers, or roughly 311 miles. You might think that charging such a vehicle could take a long time, but it sounds like that wouldn’t be the case with Generation EQ. Mercedes-Benz has designed this vehicle to be capable of charging at home and fast charging on the go. Apparently, when the Combined Charing System is introduced, charging times could be reduced. Right now, the charging capacity is 50 – 150 kW, but in the future, a 300 kW capacity is hoped for, as well as the ability to recharge up to 100 electric kilometers (62 miles) within just 5 minutes.

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