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Watch 3 core cable (live, neutral and earth ⏚) is for ‘Class I’ or ‘Single Insulated’ appliances which must have an earth connection. General Characteristics: Low Dielectric ConstantLow Dissipation FactorHigh Operating TemperaturesExcellent Thermal StabilitySuitable For Wide Frequency Range: DC to Above 10000 MHZHigh Surface ResistanceInert to Chemical AttackHigh Volume ResistanceFlame ProofHigh Mechanical StrengthFair Corona ResistanceSuitable to High Density WiringInert to Fungus and Mould GrowthFeatures: Seamless finishSimple installationOptimum qualityApplications:Electronic test equipmentsComputersElectronic Equipments For Aircraft, Marine, Radar, SatellitesAerospace ResearchPower Control EquipmentLead Cells and Pressure TransducersHeat Sensing LeadsAtomic Power StationsHigh Performance Electrical MachinesFurnace and Oven WiringHigh Temperature ExchangesRefrigeration EquipmentsLiftsInfra red sensing equipments