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Watch 5 cheating people of India, doing dirty work in the garb of devotion, has come out Babas sex CD After the advent of Baba Ramarahim, once again the question is raised that how many such Baba will give birth to Indian superstition? In India, Baba is worshiped as god and he is worshiped. By expressing their problems in front of Baba, people ask for ways to get rid of them. Every effort is made to complete whatever solutions are given to them. But in the last few years there have been many Rajdhani Babas rajas coming out that these beliefs are now visible. Kali acted in the name of devotion and faith ... Babas sex cd came out Nityanand Swamis name comes prominently in the list of the disputed religious leaders of India. Baba had been in the limelight when in 2010 his alleged CD was broadcast on a TV channel while having sex with an actress. In police action, the condom and ganja were recovered from the ashram situated near Swamis Bangalore. A woman came to the TV channel and alleged that Swam was raping her for a long time. After this the Chief Minister of Karnataka had ordered the arrest of Swamy. The woman had alleged that she had received the threat of killing him even after complaining. Blind women porn videos accused of making Dhongi of Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh knew Baba Ramshankar Tiwari as his devotee named Bliss. They have an allegation to create pornographic porn videos of infertile women. According to the victims of this hypocritical woman, Baba touched her in front of a CCTV camera. This Babas wreck was broken when its office computer got spoiled. These videos appear in front of the repair. A woman accused Baba of raping and rape, after which the police arrested Dhongi Baba and sent him to jail. Baba was playing sex racket Sant Bhimand Maharajs real name, Shiva Murat, who lives in Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh. This hypocritical father made crores of property in a few years. Millions of people used to hear the discourse of Maharaj. But this pseudo Babas black deeds could not hide much of the day. From 1998 to 2010, this Baba was arrested for running several sex rackets. But every time he came out on the vine. Current Status: Once again this wishful Dhonji Baba has been arrested. Crime Branch of Delhi Police has arrested him for running sex racket. Cure The faith of lakhs of people in India was a shock, when Sant Asaram Bapu was sued for rape, flirting and murder. At first people did not believe it, but police came to the conclusion that the faith of the people was broken. Current Status: Asaram was accused of raping a minor girl in 2013, after which he is locked in Jodhpur jail. Many times, Baba filed a bail plea for health reasons, but he has not got bail yet. Father numbre, son ten number After getting Asarams jail, there is a serious charge against his son Sai too. Actually, two girl students died in 2008 in Asaram Gurukul, Motera. At that time a lot of efforts were made to suppress the case.  In 2009 a man accused that girls are exploited in the ashram. Also, the tantra-mantra was used to kill them.

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