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Watch Here’s 5 Tricks to get the Perfect Winged Eyeliner Every Time!! Winged Eyeliner Tutorial for Beginners! How to apply winged eyelinerHey friends! Today Im showing you hacks that can help you in achieving perfect winged eyeliner, hope you will like it! Please do not forget to subscribe my channel.1) Using a card and placing it on your face diagonally against your eyes such that it point towards the end of your eyebrows.Now taking the card as a guidance, draw a line with your eyeliner. This will help you in getting straight diagonal edge to your wing. Now fill any gaps if left and then connect your wing with how you normally apply your eyeliner.2) Use a felt tip eyeliner and place it diagonal and flick it to draw a diagonal line such as creating a wing and then proceed as you would do with any normal eyeliner.3) So now to achieve that perfect winged eyeliner look, you want to coorect any mistakes that you might have made while applying a winged eyeliner. For this you need a cue tip and a makeup remover. Now apply makeup remover on the cuetip and clean any mess that you might have created while creating a winged eyeliner.4) Another way to correct any mess is by taking a foundation, concealer or BB/CC cream that you normally use on your face. Take an angle eyeliner brush and put a little foundation on it and use it to correct any extra lines or to perfect any messy edges.5) This is my personal favourite, to make my eyeliner more darker and give it a velvety finish, I double coat my already created winged eyeliner with a felt tip eyeliner with a liquid black eyeliner.Felt tip eyeliner- and productId=11836 and skuId=11836 and categoryId=642Liquid Eyeliner- and productId=980 and skuId=980Angular Eyeliner Brush- and productId=134537 and skuId=134537I hope you guys enjoyed this video and do let me know in the comments section below if it worked for you and what else you guys want to see on this channel! Don’t forget to like this video if you enjoyed it, subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to hit the bell icon so you know whenever I upload a new video!See you in my next video.Like me on Facebook @ Priyadarshani BlogFollow me on Instagram @Https:// like if you love this video. Dont forget to tag or share it with your friend. Thank you so much for watching, I love you guys so much!!!