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Watch Heres what youll need! Moving Hacks SUPPLIES: Trash bags with pull-out straps Cardboard box Box cutter Press and seal Tape Plastic bag Plastic wrap INSTRUCTIONS: Clothes Hack While clothes are still on hangers, place in trash bags and loop pull-out straps around hanger. Handles Cut out a triangle into the side of the cardboard box. Drawers Wrap press and seal around drawers to keep from opening. Plates Pack plates vertically so they are less likely to break. Tape Stick colored tape to color coordinate box with different rooms. Small parts For items taken apart, place small parts into a plastic bag and tape onto the object you took apart. Leak-proofing bottles Remove caps from bottles. Place plastic wrap over opening and screw cap back on. Credits: Check us out on Facebook! - MUSIC Young at Heart_Full Mix Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. VIDEO Traditional Suburban House Phillip Spears/Getty Images

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