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Watch Now is the time to change politics We have been deceived. I can not take it any longer. I do not say hardship. Make a good Japan! The politics of this country has become a funny thing all over the world. Many excellent people are also active in many directions, Only one, politics is too bad. A politician is out. Only politicians, From the weak, roll up as much as you wind up, just distribute by ourselves I can not keep silent as I keep doing what I do not do gangsters. Those who continue to smoke the dense taste, I am sorry. ! ! Please register your channel.↓  facebook : URL : Video site of Kita Building Co., Ltd. ↓ 【BGM】 YouTube Audio Library Artist :Wahneta Meixsell; Title:  Allemande.mp3 ★Related Videos ☆Dissatisfied dissolution English version → ☆Dissolution without cause → ☆A carpenters architectural computer graphics → ☆I tried changing the mouse cursor → ☆DiskInfo → ☆Reinstall Office 365 → ☆Logging Ⅱ→ ☆Logging _ 1→ ☆Tyouhouji treasure tower→ ☆Housing modeling→ ☆Cherry blossoms in Kyoto _ II→ ☆Cherry blossoms in Kyoto→ ☆Kyoto States Guest House→ ☆Kyoto Imperial Palace→ ☆Shogakuin Imperial Palace→ ☆Sento Imperial Palace→ ☆I will not forget the bond→ ☆Pokemon Go at the age of 70→

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