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Watch I am trying to show that Is this Albino Red eyes exhausted or saying Allah Allah, Subhan Allah Subhan Allah.Thanks for Watching my video and your generous support to my Channel All about lovebirds, and exotic birds, specially Albino red eyes, Lutino personata red eyes, Albino Red Eyes, Lutino Red Eyes, Lotino Red Eyes, Opaline Lovebirds, Lovebird, valley, how to breed your lovebirds, lovebirds breeding tips, African lovebirds breeding tips, breeding lovebirds, breed, lovebirdsYellow-collared lovebirdor masked lovebird(Agapornis personatus)Fischers lovebird(Agapornis fischeri)Lilians lovebirdor Nyasa lovebird(Agapornis lilianae)Black-cheeked lovebird(Agapornis nigrigenis)Peach-faced lovebirdor rosy-faced lovebird(Agapornis roseicollis)Black-winged lovebirdor Abyssinian lovebird(Agapornis taranta)Red-headed lovebirdor red-faced lovebird(Agapornis pullarius)Grey-headed lovebirdor Madagascar lovebird(Agapornis canus)Black-collared lovebirdor Swinderns lovebird(Agapornis swindernianus)Daisy Lutino CockatielLutino rosy-faced lovebird mutationHyacinth macawBlue-and-gold macaws (Ara ararauna)Military macaw (Ara militaris)Wing clipped Scarlet macaws (Ara macao)Golden-collared macaw (Primolius auricollis) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~best soft food, breeding formula, egg food,

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