Click to Watch in HD > An Amazing Short Trip 2018 | Chandpur District | Cinematic Documentary

Watch Music Credit: Eyes Wide Open - Music Bed - Tony Anderson ( Direction Credit: Manash (60%), Sourav (40%)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------New years(2018) starts with an amazing short trip to chandrapur district. Here is the short cinematic documentary video. Hope you will like it :)Check out my previous Blog video here ➳ ( and index=3 and list=PL_t3DglmAHoeLxlScslCmLeSz2Rx6Fv23 )--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* Facebook :* Instagram: souravmojumder* Twitter :* Snapchat: sourav_mojumde* Gmail : [email protected]* Google+ :* Pinterest : you like this video, dont forget to Subscribe this channel because more videos are coming soon and give it a thumbs up and share this video with your friends :)

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