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Watch Angry Hippo Attacks And Hits Car....Waww 26 year old Welding Inspector Wikus Ceronie had a unique meet with a hippo – and got a little souvenir to take home. A large dent in the car – and maybe the learning not to film everything that appears in front of him. Hippos have rights! “I was crossing the border from Kruger National Park when I noticed a hippo on the bridge. There were people walking around in the nearby vicinity so I automatically assumed this hippo was used to humans. I was quite fascinated by this so I took out my phone to start filming.” angry hippo attack,angry hippo crushes antelope,angry hippo attacks boat,angry hippopotamus,angry hippo crushes, angry hippo sound,angry hippo chases boat,angry hippo kills, angry hippo noise,angry hippo crushes antelope snapped in the wild,angry hippo,angry hippo antelope,happy hippo angry duck, angry elephant attack hippohippo attacks boat,hippo attacks crocodile,hippo attacks human,hippo attacks lion,hippo attacks man,hippo attacks people,hippo attacks car,hippo attacks boat 2015,hippo attacks animals,hippo attacks person,hippo attacks, hippo attacks alligator,hippo attacks antelope,hippo attacks and kills lion,hippo attacks baby hippo,angry hippo attacks boat, hippo attacks croc,hippo attacks caught on camera,hippo attacks crocodile funny,hippo attacks cow,hippo attacks deer,hippo attacks elephant,hippo attacks gazelle,hippo attacks hunter,hippo attacks hunter in africa,hippo attacks hippo,hippo attacks impala,hippo attacks in africa,hippo attacks kayak,hippo attacks land rover, hippo attacks on humans,hippo attacks on people,hippo attacks on camera,hippo attacks raft,hippo attacks rhino,hippo attacks shark, wild hippo attacks,hippo attacks zebra

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