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Watch Anomalies found on Mars including what looks like a structure, machinery/vehicle, helmet, bones, metal and other artificial looking objects.I strongly believe that there are many things on both Mars and the Moon that are highly questionable. Things that just dont seem as thought they could possibly be natural. I obviously cannot say they are 100% artificial, as without seeing them up close and personal, I have to rely on the images we are given access to by NASA. However, I am strongly inclined to believe that there are many objects of an artificial nature on both Mars and the Moon and it is just a matter of time until we discover (or are told) the truth. For now, Im just an average, curious person who enjoys spending time scouring these images and seeing what I can find. As I do so, I will make these little videos to share my discoveries with you and hope that you enjoy them and let me know your thoughts as to what these things could be (artificial OR natural).My channel art and avatar were created by the very talented Lewis Bloomfield. Check out his other work here to the original NASA images are as follows: and s=2161 and s=2161 Defiant Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License