Click to Watch in HD > Asuras Wrath GMV - Rage Never Dies! (Watch in HD!)

Watch [Watch in HD!]This game is epitome of what is called hardcore over-the-top genre,no DBZ,TTGL,JoJo or everything else doesnt even stand near this one and i think its needless to say that i LOVE it! xDDThis song been in my mind like for forever,i so love it,though all the amvs on it were kinda boring and no one really could pick up a good fitting source,i even doubt there is such out of animes,as for me i think this song was born for Asura Wrath,its just fits waaay too good,so i enjoyed editing it very much,even though its rushed with unfixable glitches and all,hope you still enjoy it and will feel the epicness! ^^Btw, I might do some more works on this game in the future,since i havent even used half of all footage available and its even better than wha ive used, lol xD

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