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Watch Gopalam, the zamindar of Appapuram, is principal of the high school named for his elder daughter Mahalakshmi. As a child, she went missing during a pilgrimage to the Godavari River pushkaram in Kakinada. Conditions at the school deteriorate due to mismanagement by Gopalams nephew, A. K. Raju, an amateur detective. This is exacerbated Panthulu, an ayurvedic doctor, teaches the children. Gopalam decides to replace them with a man and a woman (preferably a married couple) with a musical education to train his younger daughter, Sita, and teach at the school. Mahalakshmi was found and adopted by a Christian couple, Mr. and Mrs. Paul, who named her Mary. After graduation, Mary looks for a job to ease her familys financial situation. She accepts a loan from I. P. David, who offers to forgive the debt if she marries him. Marys former colleague, M. T. Rao, is also looking for a job and they decide to pose as a married couple and apply for the jobs at Gopalams school. Devaiah, a con artist and a beggar, befriends them and Rao asks him to accompany them to Appapuram. They find accommodation in a small house behind Gopalams bungalow. Unaware of her true identity, Mary decides to call herself Mahalakshmi. Gopalam and his wife Ammi, jovial by nature, treat the couple like their own children. Although Mary finds the Hindu customs strange, she says nothing to Gopalam and Ammi because she needs her job to repay David. She vents her frustration to Rao and Devaiah, who bear it patiently. Although Sita wanted Mary to teach her music, Marys short temper diminishes her confidence and Rao takes over her music lessons. In desperation, Mary decides to tell the truth to Gopalam and Ammi. To save their jobs, Rao makes up a far-fetched story that Mary is possessed by the soul of a Christian woman named after the mother of Jesus. Gopalam tells her, falsely, that he will marry Sita and Rao. Raju, like Gopalam, is unaware of Raos deception. In love with Sita, he wants to keep Rao away from her and turns to Mary for help teaching music (which ends in disaster). At the end of their first month at the school, Rao and Mary receive their salaries and Mary repays her debt. Raju begins to suspect that Mary is the missing Mahalakshmi. When Ammi tells him that Mahalakshmi had a mole on her right foot, he plans to sneak into her room at night but the plan backfires when they awaken her. After dreaming that Rao rescues her from David, she begins to fall in love with him. At the end of the next month, Mary wants to visit Madras and the Pauls. At first Rao asks her to stay, but her reluctance makes him change his mind and he plans to lie later that Mary died after an illness. Gopalam and Ammi misunderstand, thinking that Mary is pregnant; they host a party, and Mary is confused. The night before she is due to leave, Rao pretends his leg is broken in an attempt to delay her departure. David arrives in the morning and tells Raju that Mary, a Christian, is posing as a Hindu for the job. Raju retrieves a necklace, stolen by David from Marys house in Madras, which Mahalakshmi was wearing when she disappeared. David wants to marry Mary, but she declares her love for Rao. The Pauls arrive at Gopalams house; Raju solves the mystery, and David is arrested. Although Mary learns that Gopalam and Ammi are her birth parents, she maintain her relationship with her foster family. Learning that Rao and Mahalakshmi are not yet married, Gopalam announces their wedding and that of Sita and Raju. Directed : L. V. Prasad Produced : B. Nagi Reddy, Aluri Chakrapani Written : Aluri Chakrapani, Pingali Nagendrarao, Thanjai N. Ramaiah Dass Starring : Savitri, N. T. Rama Rao, Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Jamuna, S. V. Ranga Rao Music : Saluri Rajeswara Rao Watch More Latest Movies Subscribe : Follow us on -

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