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Watch Its a Zombie Bad Kid Attack Prank as Ghost Chaser LB turns into a bad Zombie kid during a surprise Nerf War training with Ghost Chaser Aaron. Ghost Chaser LB discovers a scary scene with skeletons and fake blood, but Ghost Chaser Aaron explains that its their new training camp for Zombie Nerf Wars. Aaron puts on a Zombie mask, and they use their Zombie Strike Nerf Blasters to attack each other. But, when LB accidentally eats a sour candy, he turns into a Zombie in real life! Will Aaron be able to turn him back into a Ghost Chaser in this funny family friendly video for kids? SUBSCRIBE for more awesome ToyLabTV Ghost Chasers Adventure videos ▶▶ If you missed our other Ghost Chasers videos you can find them here: and list=PLcR5BD0tGGBMbsH_HTRwNY76CHU1PmMbD MORE VIDEOS ----------------------- GHOSTS IN HAUNTED HOUSE KIDS ADVENTURE, Fidget Spinner Bad Ghost Hunt, Blaster Toys Fun Family Video: SKELETON GHOST ATTACKS LB and TAKES TOYS! Haunted House IRL w/ Ghosts and Sour Candy: DINOSAUR SURPRISE TOY HUNT and Kids Family Game Parent vs Kid w/ Spider Prank and Dino Toys for Children: GIANT SHARK SURPRISE EGG! Pool Party Toys and Inflatable Float Water Toy Kids Family Fun: GIANT WATERPARK CHALLENGE and Dinosaur Surprise Toy Opening! Family Fun Water Park Playtime, Kids Toys: GIANT SURPRISE TOYS FOR T-REX! Dinosaur Toy Hunt Disney Cars 3 Movie Lightning McQueen Kids Unboxing: GIANT DINOSAUR THEME PARK and RAPTOR CHASE! Discover Dinosaurs Family Fun Kids Jurassic Adventure Toys: GIANT Inflatable Pool Toy Opening and Surprise Eggs, Dinosaur Toys, Water Balloons and Kids Family Fun: Ghost is called fantasma in Spanish, Geist in German, and fantôme in French. Toys are called juguetes, spielzeug, jouets and giocattoli in Italian.

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