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Watch In this video we compare the most competitive nations of the world Bangladesh and Pakistan Facts ComparedPakistan Vs Bangladesh EconomyBangladesh Vs Pakistan EconomyPakistan Vs Bangladesh GDPBangladesh Vs Pakistan GDPPakistan Vs Bangladesh DigitalizationBangladesh Vs Pakistan DigitalizationPakistan Vs Bangladesh PovertyBangladesh Vs Pakistan PovertyPakistan Vs Bangladesh PercapitaBangladesh Vs Pakistan PercapitaPakistan Vs Bangladesh GDP nominalBangladesh Vs Pakistan GDP nominalPakistan Vs Bangladesh GDP PPPBangladesh Vs Pakistan GDP PPPPakistan Vs Bangladesh Internet usersBangladesh Vs Pakistan Internet usersPakistan Vs Bangladesh Human Development IndexBangladesh Vs Pakistan Human Development IndexPakistan Vs Bangladesh Literacy RateBangladesh Vs Pakistan Literacy RatePakistan Vs Bangladesh EducationBangladesh Vs Pakistan EducationPakistan Vs Bangladesh PopulationBangladesh Vs Pakistan Populationpakistan Vs Bangladesh exportsBangladesh Vs Pakistan exportsPakistan Vs Bangladesh imports and tradeBangladesh Vs Pakistan imports and tradePakistan Vs Bangladesh InfrastructureBangladesh Vs Pakistan InfrastructureBangladesh Economy ahead of pakistan#BangladeshVsPakistan #BanvsPak #PakistanEconomy #BangladeshEconomy #bangladeshEconomy_________________________________________________________________Donate to us on Direct Transfer: 9603860961 (Indian Viewers Please donate on Paytm)Pakistan Bureau of Statistics link Economy State Bank of Pakistan report related link Episodes in SHONAR BANGLA Series and list=PL2a6DHljIC49OsLl7ULOCi9CCgV1BsyFA_________________________________________________________________Follow us onFacebook: