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Watch Which squad is the winner?Behind the scenes: LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE!SUBSCRIBE ▶ METWITTER: CameronJSnapsThe Titi Squad Blame It On KwayBlameitonkway.comTeam Lala lalasizahands89LalaSquad.comThe Starrkeisha Cheer SquadCHECK OUT STARRKEISHA’S MOST POPULAR▶ The StarrKeisha Cheer Squad:▶ The Starrkeisha Choir - Formation!:▶ Battle of the Choirs:▶ Starrkeisha - The Baby Momma Dance:▶ Battle of the Cheer Squads: Random Structure TV:Welcome to Random Structure TV, the home of Cameron J, also known as Starrkeisha. I make covers, mashups, choreography, skits, reactions and more! Make sure you :PBattle of the Cheer Squads! ?? | Random Structure TV Structure TV