Click to Watch in HD > Beastie Boys - Amsterdam, The Melkweg - Promo Gig (05/16/2004)

Watch Beastie Boys - 05/16/04 - The Melkweg (Amsterdam, Netherlands)Audio for this show is available here: Master Mike IntroIntergalacticPass The MicTriple TroublePosse In EffectSure ShotThats It, Thats AllSkills To Pay The BillsShake Your RumpCh-Check it OutThree MCs And One DJEncore:---------------------------------------So WhatCha WantNotes:---------------------------------------Another TV broadcast of this show exists, it included interviews between the songs and was missing the commentary between songs and quite a few of the songs were also cut from the broadcast. This broadcast is the complete performance and is major upgrade over the previously mentioned one. The boys are clearly having a fun time here and there is a lot of interesting and humorous commentary from the guys between songs. While this date is only a month before the MTV $2 Bill show this performance is candidly different and just as enjoyable, maybe even more so than the $2 Bill