Click to Watch in HD > Beautiful View In Front Of My Office || by ABHI BADLAPURKAR ||

Watch This beautiful mountain view in front of my office. its awesome, beyond of this mountain there is another mountain Malanggad is built on that hill, 16 km south of Kalyan. This mountain is known as Shree Malang Gadh and Hajimalag Gadh . Today, there are many Hindu and Muslim devotees going to Shree Malang ( Haji Malang). A lot of them go to the second mound of the fort. Only the climbing leads to the highest head of the fort, due to the rush of steps required to go to the fort. This fort has a tremendous history, which is far from being close to the city of Mumbai. On the fort, Parvat Avashsh is still alive. The fort of the fort was tremendous due to the courage to go to the fort near the fort