Click to Watch in HD > Best TVs of 2017! 4K HDR, Smart TV With Multi-Functional Set Boasting Minimalist Lines

Watch Atelier TV is more like an electronic furniture that blends into different spaces Seoul-based industrial designer Kwanjun Ryu has recently unveiled a multi-functional television set boasting minimalist lines. It consists of a retractable display that remains hidden within the big sound bar and appears at a push of a button. It is designed this way so that the user can enjoy both visual and audio functions at its best. For ideal audio function, the TV must be placed slightly down to your sitting position – as this way sound can broadcast throughout the space. On the other hand, the ideal visual position to is at eye level. Keeping the ideal TV position in mind, Atelier TV has been designed with audio speakers placed underneath the TV screen, whereas the TV screen is visible only when it is in use. You just have to click one button on the remote control to turn the TV on and the screen will appear. The screen can smoothly appear and disappear, all thanks to the structure of the spiral spring. This feature makes it more like an electronic furniture that can seamlessly blend into the given space, as if part of the home interior. SOURCE: IF You Enjoyed Like,Share and Subscribe Our Channel For More Videos. For Subscribe: Follow me on: ✶Google+:: ✶tumblr:: ✶twitter:: ✶reddit:: ✶livejournal:: and t=I ✶linedin:: ✶Facebook page::

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