How to increase Your YouTube Views?

With over 22 billion monthly visitors and an average video length under 40 mins, YouTube is world’s second largest search engine, just after Google. Today many businesses run on Youtube and many use it as their primary promotion platform. Youtube is one of the easiest, user-friendly and efficient platform for research and entertainment both. If you have a youtube page or if you are a marketer or just a social media enthusiast, we have a lot of tips for you on how to use Youtube to its maximum capacity for your benefit.

1. The biggest secret to your Youtube success revealed.

Small tricks often do the big magic, and here is your big trick. To get more views, you need a big THUMBNAIL image for all your social media sharing platforms, including the most important Facebook. Sounds fairly simple? Highlight your videos and make sure you get maximum clicks from Facebook. Try it for yourself at Youtube to facebook big thumbnails was never so easy before!

2. Content is King.

This lie is as true as it is old. If the content you are curating is not interesting, then nothing can help you. The success of your channel depends almost entirely on the videos you make. Make sure that all your videos are information-rich, non-repetitive and narrated in the most user-friendly way. Also, goes without saying that the category to which your channel belongs makes a lot of difference too in the number of viewers you are likely to get. For example, fashion, beauty, and technology are one of the most sought-after categories. Your videos should be compelling, backed by research, helpful and easy to understand. It should either educate or entertain or both. The quality of the video in measures of pixels is also an important factor in getting you more views.

3. Don’t buy views.

Views for cash is a big no if you want to rise up the ladder of success on Youtube. Many companies are present in the market who would get your channel and videos the number of views you desire. They either do it by bots clicking over and over on your content or by dodging Youtube’s algorithms. Whatever be the case, you ain’t getting any valuable viewer base, comments, new subscribers or engagement of any sort. Youtube now has better capabilities to detect any such fraudulent attempt to increase the number of views. You will just be wasting a lot of money with no actual results. Also now, more than the number of views, user behavior and real audience engagement is what matters.

4. Use Social Media monitoring tools.

A lot of tools are available online that help you to monitor your performance on various channels. Some of them are even free, but you can choose to go premium if you wish to have an in-depth analysis of your growth. As per research most important still being facebook. While posting from Youtube to facebook the thumbnails play an extremely important role.

5. Work on Video description and tags.

Give your video a ‘keyword’ title- Other than informing the viewer about the content of your video and helping youtube put across the video to the right people, keyword rich title helps you with SEO as well.
The same rule applies to the description of the video as well. MAke it short, informative yet keywords rich. You can take help from a lot of tools available online to find out the right kind of keyword.
Hashtagging is more than just a current trend. USe relevant hashtags for the same reason as above.
Your thumbnail image works as a show window to your shop. Make it as relevant and apt as you can for the video you are posting.
While keeping your content as original as can be, there is no harm in referring to or ‘getting inspired’ from the video descriptions and title of other channels which are doing really well.

6. Cash on the current trends

If you can then you must bank upon the current viral trends on the internet. Find out what’s hot, most searched keywords, most sought after videos or written content. Use these to curate your content and you will be happy to see your view count soaring.

7. Work in collaborations

Like collaborations for blogs, collaborations for vlogs is also turning out to be quite useful or sharing your audience. It’s a way of mutual growth. Backlinks or videos with other vloggers in them can help you both share your audience and get more audience for both. It is a win-win situation for both the collaborators.

8. Give due importance to cards and end screens and marquee:

Cards are the most underrated feature of video marketing. Use card very strategically and place them in places where you think the user tends to stop for some reason. It can be a high point of interest or low point of interest. Also be cautious in overdoing it. It should not hinder the view or create a bad user experience. Needless to say, it should be relevant to the ongoing video content.

End screens again can be extremely useful for directing your viewers to other video content or your website. These are particularly useful in case there is a part two of the video, interesting enough for people to go to it.

Marquee tool is also a great help in doing all of these. Use these strategically to get and move the traffic in the direction you desire.

9. Get some good influencers on board.

It is always a good deal to collaborate some influencers in your field. People are easily convinced when it is coming from them. If you still haven’t then it is a good time to work with some influencers either on a barter system basis or get a paid promotion done. If they give you a backlink from their media channels then chances are that you will get a good amount of new viewer base.

10. Social Media all the way.

Social media marketing is imperative to any kind of business on today’s date. Get your channel a profile on as many social media platforms as you can and be sure to reach new people everytime you post. A book can be written on this but let us take facebook as your starting point. Facebook being the most effective, most usable and most popular marketing tools will give you a good lunch. There are small secrets to use Facebook effectively. Let us reveal one of the major ones here. When you post or share your video on Facebook, it comes across as a small icon with text on the right. We would like to present to you a tool that will make your icons ‘screen wide’ and make sure that no eye can miss it. This small change in presentation can make a big change in the number of views you get on your video. Try it for yourself here:

The link that you get from should be posted on the facebook page dedicated to your channel and all other relevant places. It will make your post not only unmissable but also get you the targeted audience group.

11. Make the best use of Autoplay and playlisting.

Autoplay is a good tool as long as your content is relevant and self-explanatory. You can easily autoplay embedded videos. It can only backfire in case the content is not what the viewer is looking for and might never want to be on your channel again. Use this one cautiously.

You can also make a playlist of your videos and share it as a series of videos aiming at the same thing. It works only if the content in each video is planned like that. Keep the information flow steady, video flows systematic and add some high-interest points to keep the audience gripped to your channel.

12. Consistency is the key.

As cliche as it sounds, consistency is really the key to success. You have to be extremely particular about when are you posting your content on youtube. Be sure to make a schedule and stick to it. Be consistent in everything you do for your channel and not just uploading videos. You have a viewership that is expecting your content to be up exactly the same time and day during the week and it is a bad idea to disappoint them. It is extremely important to be on schedule for your social media marketing as well. If a Tuesday is a giveaway day then be sure to post a giveaway every single Tuesday because there are people watching your social space only to grab some freebies.

13. Less is more.

A small tip here- Don’t turn your titles into stories. A maximum of 50 characters makes your entire title readable, and it doesn’t get cut hence becomes easy to search.

14. Less is more again.

A Buffer Social research says that a video’s ideal length is 3 minutes or lesser. To be even more precise, it can grab the maximum attention only till two minutes and 54 seconds.

15. If less is just not possible.

If the content of your video is such that you can’t keep the length short, then it is ideal to give an introduction to your video, explaining quickly what is it all about. This is almost like a prelude to your video. An interesting way will be to keep some highlight or interest point in this introduction to make the viewer interested in the rest of the video as well.

16. Introduce your channel well.

The reason why movies release their trailers is exactly why you should be doing it too for your videos. Make a small clip from your video or any other best form of introduction and make it interesting enough for people to be wanting to know your channel more and see what is in the full video.

17. Real-time engagement.

It is important to be present to answer questions, accept compliments and justify complaints and answer any queries that your followers may have. If real-time presence is not possible then you must answer these the first instance you get. It is important for viewers to feel that there is a real and sensitive human being behind these videos to which they can connect to.

18. Make Loyalty count.

Give additional perks to your consistent followers. Send an extra information email or send a freebie. Let them know that they are important and that their loyalty to your channel is being counted.

19. Have some other form of online presence as well.

You might primarily be a youtuber but having a website will get you trust from the viewers. The website need not be an elaborate artwork but a simple online presence with some kind of contact details will put your viewer’s trust in your authenticity and presence. We can really help you on this, write to us at [email protected]

20. Turn competitors into friends.

Comment on other people’s similar videos and channels. Find out if they are interested in any kind of collaboration or link building or exchange. Be really engaged in their content and work. You also have a chance to learn new stuff and find out what they are doing better than you.

21. Let paid ads be your last resort.

Paid ads are your last resort. There is no denying that they fetch instant result but of course not as good as the other marketing techniques. Save this as your last bet or use them in control, focussing still on all the unpaid marketing and traffic driving methods.