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Watch Useful for dirty egg diseases and heart pressure It is said that the factory is not worthless in power, which we consider to be bad, it proves extremely beneficial in many actions, these conditions are also with dirty eggs that we consider better to put them in a hurry. But scientists have found a cure for such diseases that are common in our society. Researchers linked to the UKs leading medical education at Eczzzer Medical School, with their research, said that a special mixture in dirty eggs is found. The name of AP3, is produced by a mixture of hydrogen sulfide due to the mixture. This gas is due to the illicit smell of the egg, but the gas is also very useful for high levels of blood pressure due to high blood pressure. Researchers say that hydrogen sulfide can play an important role in modern therapeutic treatment, so far, research is in the initial phase, but the time is not far off when scientists AP3 Gas will be able to deliver cells. subscribe more videos google+

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