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Watch Friends, today we are going to give you the news that maybe it is not just news, it is a story of a pain that has devoured an entire family in a flag. Posted in 12 BN bsf batala Posted in dipti commandant Ganesh Singh Tanwar spend a few days holidays His home town, Bikaner, came to Rajnath where he got his wife and children home at 8 pm on May 7, 2018, in his Bikaner only, his in-laws went to Shubhaspura, from where the night was around 1am After getting home in the house of Lateh, his own house, Lateh, he used to tell his mother that he had been killed and he was injured in his head, for his treatment, he was admitted to Bikaners pbm hospital where he was admitted in the condition. Seeing no improvement, Ganesh Singhs family took him for treatment, where he died on May 17, 2018, as the attack which he was attacked was very fatal and dead. It was a young man who had been a rock for the protection of the border of the country. The soldiers army was killed in this way. On May 21, Ganesh Singhs 4-year-old daughter gave this information to Bikaner Punish, The father had killed his uncle in front of the entire family and Ganesh Singhs wife in front of him, a video of Ganesh Singhs daughters statement was also given to Bikaner Punish.At the age of 36, a brave warrior of our country was eliminated in such a way that the only purpose of his life was the service of the countrymen, such a young man of our country who is awake on the border, we can rest in our homes. It was saved from the young Dussmans bullet, but the victim became a victim of devotion. Dipti commandant Ganesh Singh was not only a brave soldier of our countrys army but he was the only support of his old parents. The only brother of 4 and the children of 4 children of dusk were also the end of the happiness and dream of not just one person. The time has passed for more than a month, but this young man of our country is still waiting for justice. There is no arrest in this case right now. Dipti commandant Ganesh Singh stands for the whole family of in waiting for justice for his son. Our Bsf and Pulshasan appealed to the administration of this army of this Help ficar their families to get justice, and we also want to appeal to you people to share this video as much as possible so that this brave young man can get justice.For more Interesting News. Please Subscribe our Channel ►►Watch More popular videos ►Comedian Bharti Singh की शादी का Funny Wedding Card and t=12s ►Virat Kohli’s house in Gurgaon. Have a look of inside View, Photos and Video and t=1s►2018 नया साल इन दो राशि वालो की खुलेगी किस्मत हो जायेगे मालामाल and t=1s News New is one of the best fast growing online News Channel from where you can get all latest news of politics, sports, bollywood and science at one click.न्यूज न्यूज़ सबसे बढ़िया ऑनलाइन न्यूज़ चैनल में से एक है जहां से आप एक क्लिक पर राजनीति, खेल, बॉलीवुड और विज्ञान की सभी नवीनतम समाचार प्राप्त कर सकते हैं।For More Interesting news Videos like our Facebook Page And Subscribe our Channel on YouTube►Facebook Page:►YouTube Channel: