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Watch hey whats up guys so in this video I accepted guru mann challenge #GuruMannShoulderPressChallengeIll be making more videos of workout, meals, unique aesthetic stuff etc. Subscribe and stay tuned and dont forgot to share this video with your skinny friends and gym friends and try to make some change Good luckMy Transformation : day of eating : love handles : : Yash anandBehind the lens : Rahul Agarwal Connect with me Instagram : @theyashanand Subscribe my channel : me on Instagram : Follow me on Facebook : Subscribe my channel for more videoes Thankstags(ignore) : Full body workout, reduce belly fat, six pack abs exercise, how to get abs, biceps exercise, fitness motivation, bodybuilding motivation, fitness motivation, sandeep maheshwari motivation, body transformation , life changing, world of fitness, yash anand, yash anand gwalior, yash anand transformation, unstoppeble , gym for life, beast workout, tum nahi samjhoge, you wont understand, muscle blaze, how do rudece love handels fat, lower abs, side oblige, side cut fat, how to get lower abs, how to get abs, side oblique, best side abs exercise, exercise for side cut, how to increase height fast, height tips, how to become taller, short height problems, best chest exercise, how to grow chest, chest bulk, chest gap, chest line, shoulder workout, how to grow shoulder, big shoulder, shoulder mass, shoulder peak, traps workout, bigger traps, skinny legs, legs workout for mass, leg workout at home, leg mass, legs size.