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Watch Dubai Video: Welcome to The Spirit of Dubai Video! Dubai is one of those cities that must be seen to be believed. Watch this video and discover the true spirit of our home in our latest Dubai Video.For more, Subscribe to our channel: Us on Facebook : us on Twitter: Join Us on Google+: Our Website: your visit to Dubai now directly from our website and discover more things to do in Dubai OR watch our recent new videos:• Food in Dubai:• Beaches in Dubai:• Relaxation in Dubai:• Family and Kids:• Adventure:• Dubai Culture: Transcription:I felt it before I heard it.The heartbeat of a place I knew I belonged.Where history is lived as much as its made, and forward is the only way the wind blows.A place where the mind awakens as the body unwinds.Where all mankind can not only live, but thrive.I am the flutter in your chest...The chill down your spine...The voice in your head answering every whispered what if? with a roaring why not?I am the spirit of possible... The Spirit of Dubai.Video Production for Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. See more information and videos on the Visit Dubai site: