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Watch Subscribe to our Channel: SHOP: and BUY: PLAY: SHOP: MUSIC: FEEDBACKS: THE APP: Store: Play: V.A.Title: Steyoyoke Anniversary 06Label: SteyoyokeFormat: Physical, DigitalPhysical Release Date: February 15th, 2018 Digital Release Date: March 12th, 2018Cover Art: Emmanuel LafontCat No: SYYK076As we check off another year for Steyoyoke Recordings, we would like to thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey and appreciate your continued support. To mark our 6th Anniversary, we invited some of the best producers to create remixes of our favourite Steyoyoke tracks of 2017. The release will feature remixes from Hernan Cattaneo, Audio Junkies, Martin Roth, Simon Doty, Nairo and Township Rebellion. The anniversary vinyl will be showcased and sold at our 6th Anniversary Party at Ritter Butzke in Berlin.Opening the release is Hernan Cattaneo and Audio Junkies’ take on BLANCAh’s “Talus”. The result is pure energy with playful rhythm, soothed by melodic synths. Reinventing Soul Button’s “Paramour” is Martin Roth, who certainly adds a bit of forthright edge and deeper undertones to the original mix. Next up is Simon Doty and Nairo’s version of Nick Devon’s “Overflow”, which unleashes vivid elements scattered across heavy bass lines. The fourth and last track in this release is Clawz SG and Nick Devon’s “Syndicate” remixed by Township Rebellion. Saturated with explosive attitude, this remix surely won’t let one stand still!Be sure to enjoy this newest release and hope to see you at Ritter Butzke on March 16th!TRACKLIST:01. BLANCAh - Talus (Hernan Cattaneo and Audio Junkies Remix)02. Nick Devon - Overflow (Simon Doty and Nairo Remix)03. Soul Button - Paramour (Martin Roth Remix)04. Clawz SG and Nick Devon - Syndicate (Township Rebellion Remix)