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Watch NEW Batch INFORMATION FIL THIS FORM LINK IS GIVEN BELOW ?????????????????????????????????अगर आप हमारे YOUTUBE चैनल को SUBSCRIBE नहीं किया है तो अभी सब्सक्राइब करे और वीडियो का अपडेट तुरंत पाये और अपने सुझाव हमें हमारे SOCIAL LINK पे दे सकते है WHATSP || FACEBOOK || TWITTER || WHATSP UPSC GROUP - +918285894079 . अगर आप OJAANK IAS Academy का ONLINE कोर्स करना चाहते है तो हमारे Website पे visit करे और अपने कोई भी सुझाव परेशानी हो तो कॉल करे हमारे Call Contact Ur Problem +91 8506845434 . 8750711122 . 8750711133 ♥ Popular Video ➤ ► and t=31sअगर आपकी ECONOMY कमजोर है तो इस वीडियो को देखें Indian Economy for UPSC Examination► and t=3085sHow To Prepare for IAS FOR FRESHER CANDIDATE By IAS with Ojaank Sir ► /IAS कैसे करे तैयारी !! क्या बनाये रणनीति !! परीक्षा की तैयारी के लिए रणनीति !! FULL GUIDENCE ► and t=136s21 साल में IAS TOP करो - 12 th के बाद IAS बनना है तो जरूर देखे ये (VIDEO ) नये छात्रों के लिए ► and t=378sअगर आप में है ये 5 Quality तो आप भी बन सकते है IAS OFFICER || परीक्षा में Topकरने के 5 बेहतरीन तरीके ♥ Social Media Handles ➤♥ Subscribe To Our Channel IAS WITH OJAANK SIR ➤ ♥ Official website ➤♥ Like us on Facebook ➤♥ Follow us on Twitter ➤ ♥ Like us on Pinterst ➤♥ Follow us on Instagram ➤♥ Like us on Linkdin ➤♥ Like us on Blogger ➤♥ Follow us on Google+ ➤ ♥ Follow us on Stumbleupon ➤♥ Like us on Tagged ➤♥ Our Email id ➤ [email protected]♥ ➤ ♥ ➤ ♥ ➤ ♥ ➤ ♥ ➤ ♥ ➤♥ Digital Partner ➤ S.T Production ♥ Production by ➤ S.T Production * 9990359936 , 8750711144 , 8750711155♥ S.T PRODUCTION WEBSITE ➤♥ Join Us On Facebook ➤♥ Subscribe to our other network channels: .Ojaank One Day Academy ➤ ➤ IAS WITH OJAANK MORE VIDEO PLAYLIST UPDATE PLZ CLICK HERE ♥ ➤ ♥ ➤ ♥ ➤ ♥ ➤ ♥ ➤ ♥ ➤► IMPORTANT QUESTION OF THE DAY / Aptitude Test► Economy Lectures - Shashank Sir► UPSC KI TAYARI KAISE KARE► Geography Lectures - Ojaank Sir► Current Affairs► Books कैसे पढ़े : How to Read Book for Sure Success► Motivational Video By Ojaank Sir► The vision of the channel is Aapko Rakhe Aagey - The Promise of keeping Each Individual Ahead and Informed. IAS OJAANK ACADEMY is BEST COACHING Defined As a Responsible Channel with a Fair and Balanced Approach That combines prompt Reporting with Insightful Analysis of FeedbackLecture and current affairs.✱ Thank you so much everyone who has watched our videos.Please leave a LIKE, SHARE with your friends and if you feel like being Awesome...Click here to SUBSCRIBE for Regular Updates..