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Watch Cookie Dance on iTunes - Subscribe to Chip Chocolate: Follow me on Twitter - ------------------------------------- Check Out: Les Prof - Gliss - Selfish Entertainment - Mosquitobiceps - Mandoses Films - Woodall Films - Chip Chocolate in Cookie Dance The Music Video Produced By: Les Professionnels and Selfish Entertainment (Daniel Reizes, Drew Kramer, Christopher Schor, Dan Moses, and Lee Levin) In Association with Mosquitobiceps, Mandoses Films and Woodall Films Produced, Directed and Edited by: Lee Levin Director of Photography: Changku a.k.a. Oscar Lobo Music Produced by Les Professionnels Mixed by Drew Taurisano (East Room Recording) Mastered by Brian Gardner (Big Bass Brian) Special Thanks to Gliss, Erin Bodine, Sammy Zweben, Susan Seaforth Hayes, Carolina DLacoste, Karmic Casting DeStorm Power - Jenna Marbles - Allen Forrest - ----------------------------------- THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!! [Intro] Chip Chocolate Cookies, cookies, cookies, cookies (SAAN!) Cookies, cookies, cookies [Hook] Do the cookie dance, do the cookie dance (SAAN!) Do the cookie dance, do the cookie dance (dance, dance) Do the cookie dance, do the cookie dance (SAAN!) Do the cookie dance, do the cookie dance (dance, dance) [Verse 1: Chip Chocolate] Welcome to mi casa, come see how Im livin Me and Mrs. Fields wakin bakin in the kitchen And we call that batch Alyssa, you know we love Milanos If you need some while you dance, we can get em to you pronto See my Cookie Monster chain rocks a monster cookie chain, Cookies in my IV flowin through my veins Goin ham, got these batches bakin by the gram Imma make em dance, throw these cookies like they bands [Bridge] Hands up, hands down Put the cookie in the milk, twirl it all around [Hook] [Verse 2: Chip Chocolate] Big whip, outside cookie Inside dip, thats milk, rookie See this batter in a bowl man, thats cookie sushi See these battered chicks I roll with, they cookie groupies When I die bury me up on Pepperidge Farm, With a four sided cookie thats my lucky charm P-Pop the cookie, Im sweatin Double stuffed so Im flexin Im eatin Samoas from coast to coast, scream dope fresh if you reppin, All about my chips, all about my dough Take one to the head, now its time to go Cause Im all about my chips, all about my dough If you like em like I like em, well grab one and hit the floor [Hook + Bridge + Hook] [Outro] Om nom nom Cookies, I love cookies so much Cookies for breakfast, cookies for lunch (Your mom makes the best cookies) Whoop

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