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Watch Cradle Of Filth - From The Cradle Of Enslave (Uncensored) Official VideoListen on Spotify: on iTunes: Cradle Of FilthWebsite: thousand fattened years like maniacsHave despoiled our common graveNow what necrophagous Second Coming backsFrom the cradle to enslave?Sickle constellationsStud the belts that welt the skyWhilst the bitter winter moonProwls the cloud, dead-eyedLike shifting parent fleshUnder silk matricide...Watchful as she was upon EdenWhere every rose arbour and orchard she sweptHid the hissing of a serpent LibidoIn an ancient tryst with catastropheSoon the be keptHear that hissing now on the breezeAs through the plundered groves of the carnal gardenA fresh horror blows but ten billion soulsAre blind to see the rotting wood for the treesThis is the theme to a better ArmageddonNightchords rake the heavensPAN DAEMON AEAONAnd what use are prayers to that god?As devils bay concensus for the space to pissOn your smouldering faithAnd the mouldering faceOf this world long a paradise lostThis is the end of everythingHear the growing chora that a new dawn shall bringDanse macabre neath the tilt of the zodiacNow brighter stars shall reflect on our fateWhat sick nativities will be freed when those lights burn black?The darkside of the mirror always threw our malice back...I see the serpentine in your eyesThe nature of the beast as revelations arriveOur screams shall trail to AngelsFor those damned in flames repayAll sinners lose their lot on Judgement DayWe should have cut our looses as at CalvaryBut our hearts like heavy crosses held the vain beliefSalvation, like a promised nationGleamed a claim away...This is the end of everything you have ever knownBuried like vanquished reasonDeath is seasonDrive like the drifting snowPeace, a fragile lover, left us fantasising warOn our knees or another f**kers shoreHeiling new fleshRead, then roaredTo a crooked cross and a Holy CauseWhat else be whipped to frenzy for?This is the end of everythingRear the tragediesThat the Seraphim shall singOld adversariesNext to EveNow theyre clawing backI smell their cummingAs through webbed panes of meatLed by hoary DeathThey never leftDreaming sodomiesTo impress on human failureWhen weve bled upon our kneesTablatures of gravel lawShall see Gehennah pavedWhen empires fallAnd nightmares crawlFrom the cradle to enslave....This is the end of everything