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Watch Dangerous chemical known as phthalate in the macaroni and cheese powder. Phthalate is a chemical compound used as a plastic softener and in many personal grooming products. It is reported to be a possible cause of reproductive or developmental problems because it mimics a natural hormone. But dont need to panic the research have not been published in a peer reviewed journal. Hello friends, Welcome to my channel “WORLD OF WOMEN by Dr. SIMA”. My motive behind creating this channel was to make women’s life healthy and happy. I post videos in various topics like :- Health, Beauty, Home Remedies, Diet, fitness, Healthy recipe, Education etc, as soon as possible. You can ask your question and also share your problems in comment section. I will try to solve your problem as much as possible to me. MEN ARE ALSO INVITING IN THIS CHANNEL TO UNDERSTAND and SUPPORT WOMEN. THANKS Please SUBSCRIBE to “WORLD OF WOMEN by Dr. Sima” Wishing you happy and healthy life Dr. Sima Sadique World of Women by Dr. Sima Link;- Please watch: HEART CARE TIPS VIDEO | healthy heart tips | Tips for Healthy Heart in Hindi | How much water should you really drink a day | how much water do we really need to drink | in hindi / urdu |How to Get Fair and Glowing Skin Naturally At Home (Hindi) | skin whitening कैसे तुरंत पाए गोरी त्वच्चा| Pimple treatment in hindi | मुंहासों के घरेलू इलाज | 3 skin care tips in hindi How to prevent acne scars | home remedies for acne scars | how to get rid of acne | acne Health Benefits of Garlic in Urdu / Hindi | लेहसुन के फायदे । Benefits of Garlic in hindi Benefits of ginger | अदरक के फायदे | health benefits of ginger in hindi | ginger benefits | ginger | Healthy eating for kids in hindi | बच्चों का वज़न कम करने के उपाय | how to lose weight fast Click here to subscribe my channel: Follow me on social media: facebook : facebook PAGE : google+ : twitter : Click here to all play lists: and list=PLK-t7p2tjkbOoZLiQ5ONuJO_P04vK-2YW and list=PLK-t7p2tjkbNhwtm26fAeQtj-dQ-LpGCJ and list=PLK-t7p2tjkbPyGOcTIYWz192UvwAUQC0g and list=PLK-t7p2tjkbO8_ly9i4hQ8HbzAdzgYXT_

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