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Watch Digital links 网路平台::1.Spotify: Apple music: KKBOX: (台湾平台)6.ommsuic: (台湾平台)7. Deezer: 百度音乐: (中国平台)9.网易云音乐: and userid=117358215(中国平台)Released by 出品:Six Peace RecordsExec. Producer总监: dayDreamProducer 制作人:dayDreamComposer 作曲人:dayDreamLyricist 作词人: 陳佑人@RyanT/Aki 玤妤Arranger 编曲人:dayDreamRecording Engineeer/Studio: Daeren Tan @ Super Red Music and Aaron Jiam @ BlueCross ProductionsMixing Engineer 混音师:Jay Wujun Yow @ 饒武駿Mastering: Zambrano @ Zampol ProductionsOP: Six Peace RecordsSP: Universal Music Publishing Sdn daydream_officialdayDream 六個大男生已長大了 !他們除了在音樂上有擁有了巨大的改變,在他們的人生思想也變得更成熟了。2016 年頭 ,因為與前公司解约後 , 他們已帶回以前的 Independent Band 身份,但這對他們來說這不是一個句號 , 反而他們更享受一起努力創造和呈現他們自己的音樂。dayDream 單曲 -金甲 , 從A -Z一切都是由樂團自己完成的,包括歌曲,歌詞,編曲,錄音的製作。音樂錄影帶的拍攝和剪接也不例外 ! 都是樂團一致的概念 !“金甲”是一首促進世界各地人民團結, 對抗全世界腐败系統的歌。就如和平主义者/音乐人John Lennon所說, “人們有權力。就只需要喚醒人民的力量”。 這首歌的目的是要喚醒所有的人都要站起來,團結起來,釋放內在的權力,勇敢地对抗恶势力。自人类文明以来,这問題已经存在,而且越來越恶劣,因此dayDream樂團以他們的音樂,繼續創造意識,讓世界更人有人情味,有更好的明天。Introducing dayDreams first single Golden Armour. This is their first song release after ending their contract with previous label, changing their status to an independent band. They did everything from A-Z, all by themselves, including production of album and songs. This music video is also produced, shot and edited, by them.“Golden Armour” is a song to promote unity of the people all over the world, to fight against the corrupted and biased system today. Just like John Lennon said, “The people have the power. All we have to do is awaken the power in the people.” This song is aimed to wake all people up and unite them to unleash their power within, and do not fear the elite powers. This problem existed since human civilisation, and it’s getting worse, therefore dayDream is dedicated to continue create awareness on this worldwide problem, hoping to restore humanity in this world.FB: daydream_official

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