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Watch We would like to thank Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee for the famous song, Despacito. We just found out this song in December 2017. Really we were too late to find out, so we had to hurry not to become out of date. Forgive us. Despacito, we were really surprised by the amount of 4 billion views. However, maybe only the angels who can make our video, have 10 billion views, exceeds the population of the world. But where is the angel? Please this is our phone number: 081275646939We studied this song in one day because we are not used to Spanish. Therefore we apologize if any wrong words are spoken. Thus, we just want to convey a meaning that is not wrong. Our own music and vocals: LTC Entertainment. We have her musical notes, making it look like vinyl quality and all this is just an example in music education and for entertainment.We hope to entertainPresented by : LTC Entertainment - Profesional Music Production with Major Label QualityProducer-Composer and Arranger - Audio Engineer (Mixing and Mastering)A mixing engineer, producer, with a strong passion for good music, we love to work with a lot of artists worldwide accross many genres, traditional / ethnic and modern until the big orchestra. We like variety in work us.sincerely yours : LTC Entertainment