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Watch Did You Know? and John Sole Jr. - Take My Hand (Single) Take My Hand is a remix of Kandaiki by Mammal Hands (see link below). We started it one weekend back in May along with the B-side to Worth Your Time; I Dont Ever Leave. We spent most of the Saturday night trying to sort out the tempo and time signature changes and trimming the loops down to the right length. All told I think we ended up sleeping for about 8 hours across the whole weekend but it was definitely worth it. Take My Hand free download - Kandaiki by Mammal Hands - I Dont Ever Leave - As ever weve made the multi track and stems available for free download so go nuts. Wed love to hear what you do. Stems - Multi track - -------------------- Please like and share this video and make sure to subscribe and follow us on Facebook so that you dont miss anything. If you want to get in touch you can contact us over facebook (, drop us an email at [email protected], or leave a comment down below. Hope you enjoy it and much love.

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