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Watch From 1998 Album: Twenty-Two: P.A. World Wide...[Artist info below].....Get DJ DMDs Music: and sr=1-1 and fertile ground of the third coast has erupted again: from the Gulf town of Port Arthur, Texas, enters DJ DMD. This underground producer turned artist has sold nearly 75,000 copies of his self-released album Twenty-Two: P.A. World Wide -- with only limited regional airplay -- through his own label, Inner Soul Records. Hes also on point at his own record store in Port Arthur where he spends his days helping customers, running his label and spreading the word about his growing arsenal of artists. DMDs early idols were rap pioneers such as Run DMC. He was schooled on those early masterpieces, spinning all the latest records at parties to earn money. Soon after, he became inspired to make records. He went on to land an indie label production deal, which eventually went sour. Thats when I pulled together all my nine-to-five money and started my own label. After that experience, I knew I wanted to control my own destiny. You hear so many horror stories about artists getting ignored and dropped by their labels. That wasnt going to happen to me. His first release on Inner Soul Records, Eleven, eventually financed Twenty-Two: P.A. World Wide. DJ DMD and his staff of business partners currently have thirteen acts on their label. The entire roster caters to the hometown scene. DMDs capacity for southern-style funk beats, is matched by a soulful, artistic delivery and a deft producers vision. He creates what he calls a musical gumbo melding east coast, west coast and third coast flavors into one distinctive sound. He earned his rep by mastering his surgically-precise flow and delivering an infectious live performance. Hes toured regularly in Dallas, Houston, Cleveland, Lafayette, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Shreveport and Baton Rouge. Hes also made his presence known as a supporting act on the Jay-Z tour. DJ DMD says his ultimate hope is that his records inspire his fans, motivating them to believe in themselves. His work evokes that kind of positive energy. DMD is also proud of the fact that hes bringing club-friendly beats back to hip hop. Im a DJ, I like to make people dance. Nobody is doing that anymore, its like if you make music people can move to, they call you soft. I dont wanna be MC Hammer, but I like making music that makes people move. For example, 25 Lighters is a song you can dance to. Thats a song that represents the third coast... and it vibes. Thats what Im about.