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Watch Do not use lifebuoy.It is Worst and dirtiest Soap of the World!! TamilThe Real Usage Of Lifebuoy SoapLifebouy is neither bath nor carbolic is very harmful for your skinlifebouy soap Banned in Abroad but Still Using in IndiaTheres a whole lot of stuff thats banned in India, and the movement is only getting larger. With media attention focused so much on this practise though, its easy to forget that they also outlaw things in other parts of the world. Some of the things we see so commonly around us in everyday life are actually rare commodities in other countries. These soaps are considered bad for the skin, and are apparently only used to clean certain animals abroad. It is openly sold in India as a regular soap for humans however. In all the North American and European countries, this product is banned due to the presence of a harmful ingredient in it.********************************************************************Please do Like | Comment | Share | Subscribe **********************************************************************Vs Professional Group*I will show you all about most interesting videos. We hope you all love and keep in touch with our channelLOVE YOU ALL...Keep subscribing Vs Professional Group-Veeramanikandan******************************************************************** Contact Detail******************************************************************** YouTube : : [email protected] no : 7871909918

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