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Watch Dr Zkir Naik Latest Urdu Speech On Concept of GOD (KHUDA) In Various Religions Islam 9353982, Discription: In This Video Dr Zakir Naik speaks on very important and informative topic, Concept of God in World Major Religions. He speaks about God as mentioned in the major religions such as Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and more. Quoting verses and evidences from the religious scriptures of the religions proving his point i.e. there is only One God. Dr Zakir Naik Is Also Saying That In Islam Religion We Can Not Say That ALLAH (GOD) Is Only For Muslims. Because ALLAH Has Created All The Universe And ALLAH Is The Only God For Everything In Universe. Dr Zakir Naik Is Also Saying About That The Best Way To Know About Any Religion (Mazhab) Is By Making Research On The Holy Book Of That Religion (Mazhab). Dr Zakir Naik Is Also Giving A Proof And Saying That If You Asked A Hindu About That He Beleaves In How Many GODS Some Will Say That He Belives In 7 Gods And Some Will Say That They Beleaving In 100 Gods or same will say that they beleaving in 33 millions Gods But If You Ask From Such Hindu Who Made A Research On His (Hindu) religious Books So That Hindu Will Clearly Tell You That He Beleaves In Only One God. Kindly Please Must Subscribe To Our Islam Channel For Rugular Updates About All Latest And Top Class Islamic Videos Of Greatest Scholars Such As Dr. Zakir Naik And Moulana Tariq Jameel And Also Invite Your Friends To Our Islam Channel Because It Is Sadqa E Jariya For You. Dr Zakir Nayak New Excellent Speech On concept of GOD in World Major Religions,Concept of GOD in PARSI Religion,Dr Zakir Naik 2017 new Bayan islam 9353982,KHUDA ka nazariya doosry mazahib me,ALLAH is only god for all universe dr zakir naik Islam9353982,Difination Of ALLAH is only GOD in Other religions from islam 9353982,KHUDA Ki Tareef Doosry mazhab ki kitabon me, Thank You For Watching Our Video Kindly Please Must Subscribe To Our ISLAM CHANNEL For More Latest And Wonderfull New Islamic Videos our youtube channel link is you can also follow us on facebook our islamic group (Islam Channel) link is:

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